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The Icarus Account released their new album Carry Me Home last Tuesday. This marks their third full-length album release.
Fort Myers, FL natives and twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner formed the two-piece acoustic/indie pop project in 2006 as freshmen in college. Their first EP release, titled Hold On For Dear Life garnered local interest and lead to a quick release of their first full length album, Mayday. Other album titles include Love Is The Answer, Sunshine And Rain, and Keeper Of Your Heart.  
The indie duo has since toured the United States and Canada with artists including Aaron Gillespie, Family Force Five, There for Tomorrow, Ryan Cabrera, Forever the Sickest Kids and many others.  Previous popular tracks include “Mayday,” “Favorite Girl,” “Yellow Shirt,” “Angel of Mine,” “So In Love” and “Unpredictable.” 
To purchase your copy of the record, click here
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