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If you’re from Boston and take regular trips on the cities’ subway systems, there’s a good chance you’ve ran into these guys. Berklee’s own Me Vs. Gravity have certainly gained popularity throughout the tunnels of the T with their spontaneous acoustic performances and free live shows. And it doesn’t stop there. With nearly 7,500 Facebook fans and over a quarter of a million YouTube views on their debut music video for the single “Walls”, the band is definitely doing something right. Lead guitarist Dave and bassist Jeff sat down to answer some of our questions exclusively with That Rock Blog. Here’s what they had to say: 

1. With almost a quarter of a million views on the ‘Walls’ music video as well as thousands of hits on your other videos, do you see the YouTube community as a tool that helped propel the band forward in the scene? Describe the importance of your YouTube channel as it relates to promo and the fans.

Yes! YouTube is absolutely a great resource for building our following, and allowing us to better establish ourselves on the scene. It’s a really fun way for us to increase our online fan base, and having over 400,000 views collectively on our videos certainly helps when booking shows and networking with other artists and industry people. We also love the interactions YouTube enables us to have with our fans. We work hard to put out content we believe our viewers and listeners will enjoy. Through the process we can show off a bit of our individual personalities and the vibe of the band, and the comments on our videos give us a sense of our fans’ personalities and reactions to the stuff we post.

2. The one year anniversary of your EP just recently passed. What has the past year been like for you guys and when can fans expect the next big release?

This past year has been a lot of fun and a lot of work! In addition to rehearsing, performing, recording, and filming on an almost daily basis, we’re all studying music in college as full time students and several of us also have jobs outside of all that. Fortunately, we’re all committed to finding time regularly to further develop our sound and stay in touch with our fans through new online content and local shows. We had an opportunity fairly recently to work with some great people in Chicago to put together a new handful of songs with a great producer that we’re really stoked about! We really just need to finish up a couple things and we all can’t wait to have this music out there. We think the new songs are really the sound we’re all going for. 

3. Many people have read about and seen videos of the bands’ train station acoustic performances. What led you guys to play there and what are the types of responses you’ve been getting?

We were all thinking of a fun way we could expand our fanbase while tightening up our act and making money at the same time and we fell upon the idea of street performing or “busking.” We started out just playing on Boston’s Newberry street but that kind of evolved into these fun shows in the subway system where we put on these white buttondown shirts and skinny ties and everyone just has a really great time dancing to cover songs and original songs. We hand out these cards and we’ve had so many people come to our shows and watch our videos from seeing us in the T. It’s been a really great experience playing down there. 

4. How does the writing process work for your band? For example, who usually writes the lyrics and melodies and what do you usually come up with first: lyrics or melodies?

Zach does most of the lyric and melody writing, though the rest of us bring song ideas to the table on occasion as well. Typically, we each contribute our own ideas for the parts and arrangement of the songs, but we’re all very open to each other and comfortable working together; ultimately, we all write the songs, and I think this works because we’re all just focused on what’s going to work best for the music and the band as a whole.

5. Out of all the songs you’ve written as a band, which ones are you most proud of and why?

JEFF: I’m proud of a lot of our work for various reasons. Our EP shows our ability to be creative musically without distracting from the heart of the songs, and our newer songs show our growth as a band and progression towards “our sound” as that becomes more solid. A couple of my personal favorites off the EP are “Favorite Ghost” and “Let’s Get This Pity Party Started.”

DAVE: I’m really proud of our newest single we have coming out called “Begin.” I think it’s a really accurate portrayal of what we really want our sound to be like.

6. Any additional comments or show dates coming up you’d like to mention?

Check out our cover of Maroon 5’s Payphone for the Perez Hilton cover contest at and like our facebook at  We’ve also got several shows lined up around the Boston/New England area this summer, and are still booking more! Details on all of those will also be on our facebook. Thanks so much for listening and supporting!

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